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Full Service Change Package

Task 1: Where do you want to go?

Interview Senior Management Staff for Vision Development

  • Evaluate current mission and values
  • Establish Leadership’s perspective concerning current challenges
  • Develop detailed Vision Statement describing desired organizational outcomes

Deliverable: Vision Statement

Task 2: Where are you now?

Interview Key Staff Members / Review Policy Documents

  • Evaluate current conditions
  • Review current policies
  • Conduct positive/negative influencer poll
  • Identify key deficiencies

Deliverable: Current Conditions Report

Task 3: What's in between where you are now and where you want to go?

Interview Key Staff Members / Review Policy Documents

  • Compare current conditions to desired vision
  • Build Action Matrix outlining needed TASKs to be taken to achieve vision
  • Outline Leadership responsibilities that will be required for Implementation

Deliverable: Gap Analysis Report

Task 4: How to get to where you want to go from where you are now.

Create Implementation Plan

  • Identify phases, schedule and sequence of a step-by- step Training Plan
  • Identify needed time resource commitment for staff during training
  • Identify expected outcomes
  • Identify Leadership responsibilities during and after training

Deliverable: Implementation Plan

Task 5: Doing the "How" to get to where you want to go.

Implement Training

  • Provide Live and recorded presentations on organizational change
  • Provide On-Line Leadership training
  • Provide First list of Collaborative Group Behaviors (CGB) performance expectations
  • Provide other services as identified in Gap Analysis and Implementation Plan

Deliverables: Presentations, Leadership Training Program, Collaborative Group Behaviors training and Leadership and Collaborative Performance Expectations

Task 6: Mentoring / critical follow up (Create the Vision as a Reality)

Implement Training

  • Provide mentoring services during training for questions / guidance concerning new behaviors
  • Give Status Updates as necessary
  • Assist in identifying critical areas of failure needing correction
  • Provide additional Collaborative Group Behaviors (CGB) performance expectations (if desired)

Deliverables: Dedicate Mentoring Time, Update Reports, Critical Issues Reports (additional CGBs)