Every evaluation system needs to do more than just rate performance, it needs to promote the success of the individual. The following procedure is easy to learn and easy to use so as to not waste the valuable time of the leadership group. That being said if this success performance evaluation system is not used as described, continually improving staff performance to support mission success will prove to be impossible.

The primary reason for a success performance evaluation system is to promote mission success by influencing the behavior of the individual people in the group. Specifically encouraging positive performance and training the individual away from negative performance. For this reason the performance expectations that group members are expected to demonstrate are directly related to promoting individual performance so it then collectively supports the mission of the group.

Eight Categories - Two Groups

The two general performance areas that are addressed to successfully promote mission success are the measurement of Technical skills and Collaboration skills.

Technical skills include:

  • Technical Competency

  • Problem Solving

  • Productivity

  • Continuous Improvement

Collaborative skills include:

  • Mission

  • Culture

  • Effective Interpersonal Relationships

  • High Quality Communication.

All eight of these performance categories are defined by very specific Collaborative Group Behaviors (CGB) that are then used as performance expectations after the training has been completed.

Each CGB description includes the required behaviors expected from each and every group member.

Each behavior includes a Background section, the Specific CGB behaviors needed to increase performance rating scores and a Recovery Behavior section in case an error in performance is encountered.

These CGBs are essentially a list of highly specific and highly effective behaviors that should either be used or not used if the group wants to have a collaborative work environment.

Streamlined Success Centered Performance Evaluation system

Most performance evaluation systems are plagued with ineffective, nonsensical and a wrong-headed expectations and procedures that ruins enthusiasm and destroys the collaborative culture. If that wasn’t enough, often times, its implemented by untrained leaders, who with good intentions, promote the ineffective use of a system that is doomed to fail.

This system uses 21 guidelines that makes this system is easy to use and promotes success of the individual. It removes the constant “performance surprises” found in other systems that guts a person’s motivation to do better. If you want to promote success every success plan should help anyone with less than standard performance to improve by helping them with recovery behavior instead of notifying them for the first time with a written performance evaluation.

Performance Evaluation Process Training

Long before implementation, the use of this system is driven home with hands on training.