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The foundations for The Leadership Experts, along with the entire suite of organizational and leadership training and coaching tools, now trademarked as The Lost Art of Collaboration™, were laid in the mid 1980’s.

Those years saw Bob taking on a leadership position in an agency that was in the process of ripping itself apart. A labor strike had left the organization in shambles, with plenty of hard feelings to go around. The work environment was highly deteriorated and staff members were vandalizing each others’ property. Regulatory reports showed violation after violation in each monthly report and overhead costs were running through the roof.

By spearheading the development and implementation of Collaborative Group Behaviors, and using his technical insight, Bob ended the regulatory violations and lowered energy usage by $250,000 in the first five months. Bob went on to apply his leadership, leadership training, and team-building systems throughout the organization, and five years later this agency became an award-winning industry leader. This staggering turnaround was the result of extensive staff retraining and group reorganization across the board. 

Simply put, the organization went from breaking down to breaking records. Now a well-oiled machine, the agency had all the tools it needed to to solve its own problems, protect its own culture, and advance a continuous improvement strategy. Taken together, these processes resulted in independent, mission-centered decision-making across the board and secured mission success.

Bob’s organizational philosophy exploded onto the scene by building, guiding and mentoring teams to meet difficult challenges autonomously. Inquiries for his organizational and leadership advice became frequent. Bob gave his knowledge away freely by hosting leadership training and employee empowerment training sessions in numerous professional venues starting in 1992. 

What began in 1985 continued over the next three decades until today, and is best witnessed by the numerous professionals directly and positively impacted by Bob over the course of his 38 year career. The Testimonials page tells the whole story better than we ever could.

Today, Bob’s entire menu of Collaborative Leadership Initiatives and Collaborative Group Behaviors totals over 150 separate “dos and don’ts” that will advance any organization to high levels of COLLABORATION and COMPETENCE, regardless of its current state of deterioration. The Lost Art of Collaboration™ is just that. A lost art that is re-emerging on to the scene that will bring out the best in human performance by creating a culture that insists on providing the “right training” and the “right guidance” -- right now!

The Lost Art of Collaboration™ is a modern “human to human” empowerment system that builds collaborative skills using the best of what we know – including brain science. This System guides your organization to ever increasing levels of performance by lowering fear, building skills, empowering leaders to recognize positive change and holding the individual and the group accountable for outcomes. We employ many different and sometimes unusual techniques to achieve constant growth across your organization. One such technique is referred to as a Recovery Behavior. Unbeknownst to Bob at the while creating this technique, he had independently created a process that is similarly used by the U.S. Air Force to produce some of the greatest fighter pilots on the planet.

Bob and The Leadership Experts (TLE) team are constantly striving to develop and modernize all of our coaching tools. We provide the training necessary to increase the effectiveness of any organization by increasing the effectiveness of each group member. This process builds mission success one person at a time. 

The Leadership Experts staff now includes a strategic management specialist, a PhD psychologist and a suite of product developers, bound together on a quest to deliver the best change management and leadership training tools when the client needs them the most. We are constantly taking the behaviors that Bob has tested in the field and developing new approaches to enhance the effectiveness of the training experience.

Having to be a Leader of a group that is in a highly deteriorated condition is a horrible job. We know that. And reorganizing a group so it can “make the move” to higher levels of mission centered success is not an easy task. This is one of the reasons why many groups are stuck in the  “just getting by” mode.

That being said, thousands and thousands of high achieving groups have risen from the millions of groups around the world that are “just getting by.”

With The Lost Art of Collaboration™ we now know there isn’t any reason why your team can’t join the club of extraordinary groups that are producing extraordinary results.