Training: Mastering Effective Leadership Online Learning

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Once enrolled in this eight week online course students have 2 FULL years of access. 13 presentations layout 44 Action Items all available on downloadable transcripts for the student to keep. Presentations can be watched OR listened through. Each action item gives specific actions for First Line Supervisor, Middle Manager and GM/CEO. Each action item can be used immediately after it is learned. See the site for the latest accreditation information.   

Course Presentations:

  • Introduction: Part One – Effective Leadership

  • Introduction: Part Two – Effective Leadership and Real World Training  

  • Becoming the Effective Leader / Increasing Your Human Effectiveness

  • Growing Your Leadership Skill Sets – Part One

  • Growing Your Leadership Skill Sets – Part Two

  • Removing Dissatisfaction – Why It’s Important and What To Do About it

  • Protecting and Promoting The Collaborative Culture – Part One

  • Protecting and Promoting The Collaborative Culture – Part Two

  • Maximizing Group Performance – Part One

  • Maximizing Group Performance – Part Two

  • Maximizing Group Performance – Part Three

  • The Top 10 Daily Actions – Important Tools for Mission Success

  • The Synergy Advantages to a Unified Leadership Team  

Dynamic Video Series:

  • The Four Questions every Leader or every perspective leader needs to ask themselves

  • Creating a Relationship with the Boss

  • Creating a Relationship with the Boss

  • Legitimize Your Leadership

  • Ten Point Daily Activity List

  • Determining the Proper Level of Direct Supervision

  • Implementing Directives

  • Positive Recognition

Handy Guides:

  • Core Values

  • Cognitive Biases

  • Fallacious Reasoning  

  • 12 Steps to Success for Keeping an Already Strong Leadership Team: Strong

  • 10 Top Daily Actions for Every Leader

  • Seven Reasons Why Some Problems Don’t Get Solved

  • Eight Step Problem Solving Process

  • Six Step Process to Use Whenever Delegating a Task

  • Seven Things Good Managers are Good At

  • 15 Things Great Leaders Do Without Really Thinking About It

Collaborative Leadership training with coaching and mentoring

This service includes following-up coaching with your group and mentoring them as they are going through the course. Services range from answering questions related to the course to giving recommendations about real-live events occurring in the workplace. Q&A and mentoring can be by conference call allowing for flexible scheduling for your staff.

Collaborative Leadership Performance Expectations provided for performance evaluations

The work isn’t complete until all the actions items are available to be inserted into the leadership performance evaluations for future measurement. These performance expectations tie directly back to the action items and are stated in the form of questions to ease the work of the evaluator and to promote the accuracy of the evaluation process. When used in conjunction with the Success Performance Evaluation System anyone having to perform evaluations will be supported by using the 21 most important guidelines making your evaluation system inoculated from the most common problems that plague other performance evaluation systems.